Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose a Cattery or Dog Boarding Kennel Over In-home Visits?

When you and your family are away on vacation, your pets definitely know you’re gone – and they know you’re not just “at work.” Consequently, they may feel a little more anxiety than under normal circumstances. Leaving pets home alone and having someone come in to check on them may not provide the quality of care and reassurance your pet needs to thrive. The level of care our boarding facility can provide, can drastically reduce the stress that can lead to physical illness. Undetected ailments or injuries can become serious in short order. Boredom and anxiety not only lead to destructive or aggressive behavior, but also to physical illness. We would welcome the opportunity to provide your pet with a safe, caring boarding environment.

Why Consider Pet Day Care?

Don’t let your pet be a stay at home kid – let them have a daily away from home routine as well. Bring them to Hillrose Pet Resort where they will have professionally trained staff ready to pamper them and cater to their needs. Our team members have been chosen because they love working with and caring for animals, and they will be with your pet from very early morning until late into the night. Managers are in residence at our facility, as well, because we want to ensure your pet gets the best care possible!

Are There Special Considerations for Adopted Pets?

For those families that adopted their pet from a shelter, your pet has special needs. During the adoption process, your pet was exposed to many visitors poking and inspecting your pet. Putting your pet in a boarding environment that is the same as the shelter causes undue stress. We want your pet to know that you will return and our staff are their providers while you are not available. Your pets are not up for adoption again and we will do our best to relieve their anxieties.

What Special Services Do You Offer for Dogs Staying Over Six Days?

We monitor your dog’s weight during its stay. If your dog stays more than 6 days, we check your dog’s weight at the start, and every three days thereafter to insure that our staff and the feeding instructions are optimum for your pet in our boarding situation. All pets respond differently and our staff are there to provide the best possible care.