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Did you know that some of the most super charged dogs have roamed the grounds and the hallways of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Some of our president’s dogs were involved in the everyday typical shenanigans that were minor in nature. Other transgressions, however, were more serious and had an impact and received international attention.   Charlie,…
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What’s in your bag?

Your pet can't pack their own bags and even if they could they would fill it with tennis balls ,catnip and biscuits so we put together a quick list so you don’t say “oh poop” I forgot the bags. Bowls - Food, Water and Treats Bedding Brushes Towels and more towels Pooper pick up bags…
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Dexter and I were out in the park this morning just doing our regular tennis ball routine and someone walked up to me to tell me quite curtly “your dog isn’t on a leash” which is correct but…. it’s just Dexter. That is not a question that plagues dogs’ minds.  Ask anyone of them and they…
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Gone to the Dogs

'The fact is, dogs can't cause as much trouble as how some people drive carts.' So you have a dog. You know you're a pain in the neck each time you leave for a four-hour round after a 10-minute walk (or even no walk), but hey, that's golf. With most starters, you'd have better luck…
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