Chasing Dreams: Creating Your Dog’s Bucket List

Many of us have a bucket list of things we want to do during our lives, whether traveling somewhere, participating in a certain event, or meeting someone special. As dog owners, we know our pets are as special as us, so why shouldn’t they have a bucket list, too? Here are some fun ideas that…
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Five Foods You Shouldn’t Feed Your Dog

When it comes to man’s best friend, we want to treat them with the utmost care and love; sometimes, that means giving them a little extra treat. By now, most owners know that dogs aren’t allowed to have chocolate, as it is toxic to them and can even be deadly in extreme amounts. However, there…
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Stress-Free Cat Boarding At The Hillrose Pet Resort Cattery

Hillrose Pet Resort is a pampered pet’s paradise and our cattery is no different. We’ve created the purr-fect stress-free cat boarding environment for your feline friend. Here’s more about our cattery and what to expect when your cat visits us. When you go on vacation or travel for business, you want to know that your…
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