How to DIY Your Own Cat Toys

Cats are curious and love to seek out stimulating activities. Who hasn’t seen a video of a cat chasing a laser light up a wall and across the room? With a bit of creativity and some simple items you may already have around your home, you can create some fun cat toys to help keep your cat happy and active.


Cat Puzzle

This fun puzzle box uses a disposable food container filled with treats and toys. Holes are cut in the lid, and your cat must figure out how to get to the fun inside. A great way to spark those problem-solving skills in your cat!





Cat House

We all have cardboard boxes lying around, why not turn them into a structure your cat can enjoy. This cat house is a simple two-box structure, but get creative and add tunnels or multiple levels. Tie on some string, bells, or other toys for your cat to explore.




Sock Toy

This sock toy is super easy to make. Simply fill an old sock with crumpled scrap paper, tie it up with some string, and your cat can enjoy the crinkle sound it makes as they bat it around. You can also put some catnip in with the paper to make it even more appealing.




Cat Chase Stick

This fun cat stick can be made with various fun items such as ribbon, twine, bells, feather, and felt. Just attach these items to a wood dowel, and then have some fun getting your cat to jump and chase after the stick.




These are just a couple of easy DIY cat toys you can try making at home. Use these as inspiration and see what other cat toy ideas you can come up with. Happy crafting!

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