dog 2


Did you know that some of the most super charged dogs have roamed the grounds and the hallways of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Some of our president’s dogs were involved in the everyday typical shenanigans that were minor in nature. Other transgressions, however, were more serious and had an impact and received international attention.


  • Charlie, a Welsh Terrier owned by JFK, was known for sneaking up on the           White House gardeners and nipping at their backsides and then go racing     across the lawn as if to say “ha ha”.


  • Peter Pan, Calvin Coolidge’s Wire Fox Terrier, leapt at a visiting woman’s skirt, catching the material in his teeth, at which time the skirt “appeared to disintegrate”, leaving the women very embarrassed.


  • Pete, FDR’s Bull Terrier, nipped at a naval officer, snapped at Cabinet members, and chased the French ambassador down the hall of the White House, eventually catching him and tearing the bottom of his pants.

Pets, they are our family members, our most loyal friends but sometimes they just lose a brain cell and we think “WHAT!”.



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