Dexter and I were out in the park this morning just doing our regular tennis ball routine and someone walked up to me to tell me quite curtly “your dog isn’t on a leash” which is correct but…. it’s just Dexter.

That is not a question that plagues dogs’ minds. 

Ask anyone of them and they will say “Arf” like “is that even a question?”  No question about it, most dogs would give their canine teeth to be able to frolic about without a leash.

So what are the Seattle area rules?

  1. Dogs have to be on a leash in most places.  Cats do not.. WHAT?
  2. Well trained dogs who carry their own leashes comply with the law … OK?
  3. Metro Buses allow most dogs at no charge …. maybe it makes the drivers less grumpy?
  4. Most people know they have to pick up dodo, interestedly “service dogs” are exempt.
  5. Strict liability means that dog owners are almost always are on the hook for your dog’s acts — even when irresponsible people are injured … Par for the course these days.

Back to Dexter and our hours at the park.  I was quite happy with the second law about carrying their own leash smart move but not quite sure of the “service dogs” dodo law.

As they say, a well behaved dog is the best dog.

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