Dog Kennel vs. Dog Sitter: Advantages of Dog Boarding



As a pet owner, do you ever ask yourself the question: “Should I use a dog kennel or should I hire a dog sitter?” Well, that’s a very good question. Hiring a dog-sitter can certainly have its advantages, and a dog-sitter typically offers you the convenience of coming to your home to care for your dog. However, here at Hillrose Pet Resort, we believe boarding your dog offers some superior and more valuable advantages over hiring a dog-sitter, and we’d like to share those with you.


24/7 Supervision and Care

One of the many perks to choosing a dog kennel over an individual dog sitter is ‘round the clock supervision. We have attending staff members in our facility every day from 7am to 8:30pm. During the downtimes we have residents on site to manage emergencies. From the minute you drop your pet off at Hillrose Pet Resort they will experience positive interaction, mindful monitoring and gentle care their entire stay with us. We also have security cameras located inside and outside the facility. As a dog owner, you can feel comfortable knowing that your dog is always in good hands and enjoying their stay.


A Better Value

One important factor when choosing pet care for your dog is cost. Owner’s want and deserve high quality services at an affordable price. While rates vary across the board, we find that it is generally more cost effective to choose a kennel vs. a dog sitter. Not only do kennels provide you with more for your money, but sometimes offer packages at discounted rates as well. Here at Hillrose, we offer discount packages for long-term boarding reservations.


Convenience for You

As a dog kennel, we not provide your dog with an incredible experience, but you as an owner too! That is why we strive to make boarding your dog as convenient and simple as possible. Located just 5 minutes from SeaTac Airport, we make drop-offs and pick-ups easier than ever. Customers also have the option of booking grooming appointments during their pet’s stay to avoid making an extra trip.


Flexibility & Availability

As a business, we provide boarding services every single day of the year and do not charge extra on holidays. We have the capacity to house a large volume of pets daily. Whether you are planning a stay months in advance or in need a last minute call ahead visit, we can accommodate almost anything! Have more than one dog, or maybe even a cat? No problem! Bring your whole furry family to Hillrose Pet Resort.


Trust & Professionalism

One thing you can always count on at Hillrose Pet Resort is our professionalism. Each day our team works their best to provide the highest level of care and knowledge to our guests. As a business, we have a level of service we must meet and do our best to exceed. You can trust that your experience with Hillrose Pet Resort will be nothing short of exceptional.


A Home Away from Home

Dog kennels offer your pet a familiar place for them to relax other than your home. Introducing your pets to new experiences is good for their health, mental sharpness and will build their socialization skills. As a pet owner, you’ll appreciate the peace of mind you’ll get when you bring your dog to a safe and caring place.


Here at Hillrose Pet Resort, we offer high-quality yet affordable boarding options for your dog. Our staff has been chosen because they love animals and are committed to making sure your dog is safe and comfortable during their stay. Give us a call or make a reservation, we’d love to share with you these and other great benefits of our pet boarding facility.

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