Pet Boarding: A Night at Hillrose Pet Resort in SeaTac, WA

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Welcome to Hillrose!

If you’ve never stayed a night at the Hillrose Pet Resort, you’re in for a real treat. Hillrose Pet Resort, in SeaTac, WA offers a great boarding experience for you whenever your family has to leave town for a while. In fact, since you’ve never boarded here before, we’ll walk you through the whole process.


Your Arrival and Check-In

First, you’ll be welcomed by a friendly face in the lobby of the Hillrose Pet Resort. Our staff will promptly check you in and take the time to go over all the important details that your owner will want us to know. During this time we will confirm the dates of your stay, emergency contact information, your feeding scheduling, medication procedures and any additional information as it pertains to your stay with us. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll let you say your goodbyes to your family and someone from our staff will take you to your boarding kennel.

Dogs stay in your own private kennel.  Big dogs are in one area and little dogs are in another area to help everyone stay more comfortable.  Our kennels have an inside area where you can eat and sleep and an outside area for you to get some exercise.  We can also add some extra playtime to your stay if your owner has requested it. Best of all – every breed is welcome at Hillrose!

Cats stay in our beautiful, quiet cattery.  The area is sound proof so you aren’t disturbed by barking dogs or the planes flying by.  Most enclosures have windows where neighboring squirrels and rabbits make their way by to entertain you. We also have small “doll” beds so you can curl up on the bed and relax or hide underneath it for a little extra protection.  Our fun team members will come by for playtime and you can also play on the scratching post/climbing tower.

If you’re coming with other members of your family (more than one dog, cat or both), your family can book one of our fabulous Executive Family suites.  If your owner has booked one of our Executive Family Suites that means you’ll be able to board together and keep each other company. You and your family members will have room to play together, plus a nice comfy bed for taking naps.  You’ll even get to watch some Disney Movies on the TV in your suite.


During Your Stay at Hillrose

Now for the best part: how will you be spending your time with us? Here at Hillrose, we have plenty of activities to keep you busy during your boarding stay.

Your owner has the option to purchase a bath and grooming for you. At Hillrose Pet Resort, we love to send home a freshly bathed and groomed pet so we typically will do your bath and grooming on the last day that you are with us, just before your owner comes to pick you up.

Rest & Relaxation
Each one of our kennels is equipped with a separate outdoor area for your leisure. While our facility is climate controlled, you may want to step into the outdoors for some fresh air from time to time.

Supervised Playtime
At Hillrose Pet Resort we offer optional playtimes in our gated and fenced area for dogs with real grass. During this time you will have the full attention of a professional handler. All pets are leashed whenever outside of their kennel.

Not only will you enjoy the activities our kennel provides, you will also participate in your everyday activities such as feeding and taking any medication you need to stay healthy. Hillrose will work with your owner to make sure your routine is disrupted as little as possible.


Time to say 'Goodbye'

Once it’s time for you to go home, we’ll make sure that you leave with everything you brought with you such as your leash, collar, bedding and any toys your owner may have sent with you.

Hillrose Pet Resort is only five minutes from SeaTac airport, so if your owner is coming in from the airport, picking you up on their way home will be very easy and convenient. We’re so sure you’ll love boarding with us that you’ll be begging your owner to let you come back the next time they’re leaving town.

We can’t wait to have you board with us!

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