Chasing Dreams: Creating Your Dog’s Bucket List

Many of us have a bucket list of things we want to do during our lives, whether traveling somewhere, participating in a certain event, or meeting someone special. As dog owners, we know our pets are as special as us, so why shouldn’t they have a bucket list, too? Here are some fun ideas that might be on your dog’s bucket list. Why not help them reach some of these goals?

Learning a Fun or Unique Trick

Almost every dog can sit, lie down, and rollover. However, why not go beyond and teach your dog something more complex or unique? Something easier might be to get your dog to shake hand to paw or simply wave. However, you could also take this trick to the next level and possibly teach your pet to play the piano! Dogs are intelligent and very adept at learning, so teaching your dog a new trick is always a fun experience.

Completing a Doggy Obstacle Course

All dogs love to play; it’s their instinct, after all. Their close relative, the wolf, had to traverse unique and uneven terrain every day, so it’s only natural for your dog to be able to. Setting up an obstacle course could be as simple as gathering household items or buying new dog obstacle course tools. Train your dog to climb, descend, weave, and crawl through the obstacle course, and they’re sure to have fun.

Enjoy Some Homemade Treats

Everyone loves their parents' homemade cooking, so why shouldn’t your dog love it as well? Search up a recipe for some homemade dog treats and try it out. Dogs love their food a lot, so they’re sure to love your treats. Make it simple or fancy; it’s all in the love that makes it special to your dog.

Go to the Farmer’s Market

Almost all farmer’s markets allow pets, and they tend to have some booths set up with treats for your pal and you to browse. Farmer’s markets usually happen on the weekends, and some even occur year-round. You’ll meet many other dogs at a farmer’s market, so it’s a great place to make new friends, pups and parents alike.

Go Camping

What better way to spend time with your dog than taking them out in nature? There are many ways to enjoy the great outdoors, starting with finding a pet-friendly camping ground. Whether camping at the beach or out in the forest, there’s always somewhere new to explore when camping with your dog. Just make sure you remember to pack for them as well.

Now that you have some ideas of what might be on your dog’s bucket list, we hope you have fun helping them meet their goals. We know you might not be able to bring your furry pal along when it comes to your own bucket list. When that’s the case, we at Hillrose Pet Resort are ready to step in and care for your pet while you’re gone. Make a reservation for pet boarding through our online form.


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