Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe On Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of the year for kids and adults, but not always for pets. As a result, many pets get upset, spooked, and go missing every year, which is not fun. Here are our tips for keeping your pet safe from the dangers of Halloween.

  1. Minimize excitement and anxiety

You know your pet the best. If your pet starts showing signs of stress and anxiety, give them some time away from all the action.

  1. Update your pet’s ID Tag

Holidays, like Halloween, are when there are spikes in runaway pets. Make sure your pet’s ID tag and microchip are up to date if they run away; they have a good chance of making It back home.

  1. Be cautious when dressing up your pet

If you decide to dress your pet up for Halloween, make sure that their costume is comfortable, fits properly and there are no choking hazards on it. Your pet may get upset if they can’t see or hear normally.

  1. Prepare for loud noises

There can be a lot of sudden loud noises caused by miscreants on Halloween. This can put your pet on the edge and unhappy.

  1. Don’t share your candy

With Halloween, comes a lot of candy. Make sure to keep it out of reach for your pets. They can be sneaky, so be extra careful. Chocolate can be poisonous to pets as well.

  1. Decorate safely

Jack-o-lanterns are a lot of fun but make sure they are not lit with a candle. If your pet gets too close, they could get burned. Cobwebs are fun but can be a choking hazard for your pet if they decide to eat them. Please make sure all your decorations that are within reach of your pet are safe in the event they get into them.

  1. Protect your pet from strangers

With trick or treating being one of the most popular Halloween traditions, there will be several strangers coming to your door. If you have an easily excitable pet, make sure you take preventative measures before the trick or treating starts.

  1. Guard your front door

Many pets go crazy when someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell. They may even try to run out the door when you open it. So, if you have a pet that might do this, it is best to keep them away from the front door. Portable gates are a helpful tool to keep pets back.

  1. Protect dark-colored pets

Many more people are out after dark on Halloween, and dark pets are at a higher risk of being run over by a car. If you decide to take your pet out, make sure to put something bright and reflective on them or keep them at home.

  1. Prepare for scary monsters

Even the friendliest pet can get scared by a witch or a goblin who comes to the door for candy. So, it may be best to keep your pet in another room to keep them calm.

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