Hillrose Makes the Switch to EMV Chip Cards

Hillrose Makes the Switch to EMV Chip Cards

MasterCard EMV Makeovers Help Local Businesses Make the Switch to Chip Cards

To help local businesses make the switch to more secure chip payments technology, MasterCard experts traveled around the country gifting EMV Makeover winners and other lucky SMBs with chip card readers and guiding them through the installation process. With the fraud liability shift less than 30 days away and new secure EMV chip cards in the hands of tens of millions of U.S. shoppers, staying up to date on the latest payment security is essential to retailers of all shapes and sizes. The three businesses lucky enough to get EMV Makeovers learned that it takes only minutes to provide more secure payments and show that your business cares about customers’ financial security.

As part of MasterCard’s Chip 360o program, which provides local businesses with essential information and the tools needed to upgrade payment technology, the EMV Makeover contest awarded three local businesses and a few more lucky recipients new chip-enabled terminals and education for employees.

At Hillrose Pet Resort, a boarding facility with 10 years’ of experience boarding dogs, cats and exotic animals, most transactions involve credit cards. The switch to EMV tech was a win-win for not just the customers, but also for employees who are trained to handle customers’ cards during the payment process.

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