The Benefits of Pet Boarding near the Airport

As people in the pet care business, it’s no surprise that we are BIG advocates of pet boarding. We believe it’s very beneficial to your pet to receive care and attention when you are away from home. Certainly, a pet sitter can do that, but the advantage of a kennel is the quality care your pet will receive as well as the benefit of socializing with other boarders.

There are many wonderful kennels in the Puget Sound area, however, here at Hillrose Pet resort, we believe that our kennel stands out for a few reasons:

  • We have a caring and dedicated staff
  • Our kennel is a bit smaller and we can provide more individualized attention
  • Our location near the airport

The third reason is the one that truly sets us apart from other kennels. We are literally 5 minutes from SeaTac Airport making it very easy to drop off your pet when you are flying out of town. Also, when you return home, your pet is just a five-minute drive to come and pick up from our kennel.

Since we are so close to the airport, we also offer some additional benefits such as:

  1. Our Alaska Airlines Mileage program: Our location has made it easy for us to partner with Seattle based Alaska Airlines and offer frequent flyer miles to people boarding their pets with Hillrose. We have a generous and simple program; for every dollar you spend at Hillrose, we will credit your frequent flyer miles. If your kennel bill is $400 you will receive 400 miles credited to your frequent flyer account.
  2. Our SeaTac Employee discount: We also offer SeaTac Employees a discount when they board their pets at Hillrose. You’ll know your pet is getting great care while you’re at work and then it’s just a 5-minute drive to our kennel to pick them up. Just show us your airport employee badge and you’ll get a 15% discount.
  3. Layover services: Our close proximity to SeaTac enables us to offer layover services for those needing it. ( A service unique to our kennel) If you are traveling through Seattle and require layover/kenneling services for your pet, we will pick up your pet at SeaTac and bring them to our kennel for as long as is needed.  This type of service can be very helpful for families relocating long distances who require a temporary boarding service for their pet.

When you’re choosing a kennel for boarding your pet, quality care is key. We not only offer quality care but an incredibly convenient location for travelers as well.

If you’ve never tried Hillrose, we invite you to come and tour our facility and check us out. First-time customers receive a special offer too!

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