Fun Gifts for Your Pet this Holiday Season

Fun Gifts for Your Pet this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and you may be wondering what gifts to get your pet. Finding the right gift for your pet can be difficult as each pet has unique preferences. We have created a list of fun gift ideas for your furry friend to enjoy the holidays with you.


Holiday-Themed Treats

Treats are an excellent gift because with so many flavors and varieties, there are bound to be a few your pet adores. Include your pet in the holiday festivities by purchasing holiday-themed treats from Lucky Dog. Lucky Dog carries a wide variety of treats for dogs and cats to enjoy during the holiday season, from cookies, cakes, biscuits, and more. Alternatively, you can go with your pet’s tried-and-true favorite treat.



Catit Senses Food Tree

Trying to keep your cat entertained? Treat dispenser toys are another great gift for your pet that can provide them with hours of fun. Moreover, they provide your pet with mental stimulation and can help curb destructive behaviors. One of our top picks is Catit’s Senses Food Tree. This four-level cat treat dispenser encourages cats to use their hunting instincts by challenging them to use their paws to retrieve treats. The Food Tree can also be used as a food dispenser to steer your cat toward healthier eating habits.



Pup-Flask Water Bottle

Those who travel with their dogs will want to keep them hydrated during vacation, especially during physically demanding activities such as long walks and hiking. The Pup-Flask travel water bottle is an innovative solution that is compact and easy to use. The silicone cover flips up to create a portable bowl that makes it easy for your dog to drink from. You can choose from 27 and 40-oz sizes.



K&H Kitty Sill & Thermo-Kitty Sill

Make your cat’s sightseeing sessions more comfortable with the K&H Kitty Sill. This cat window seat has a soft surface while being durable enough to support the largest cats. Each window seat has an orthopedic foam base and an easy-to-clean washable cover. If your cat wants extra warmth, the Thermo-Kitty Sill includes a removable heater whose thermostat maxes out at your cat’s internal body temperature during use. Both models come with several color options and do not require tools for assembly.



Cheerble Wicked Ball

Are you looking for a new take on the classic tennis ball? The Cheerable Wicked Ball is an excellent gift for dogs that can keep them entertained for hours. This bouncy, interactive, chew-resistant rubber ball comes with three interaction modes and dazzling LED lights to give your dog mental stimulation and exercise. The ball comes in two sizes, each with two colors to choose from.



Pet Subscription Services

Want to take the tough decision-making off your hands? Try out Barkbox and KitNipBox. These subscription services deliver an assortment of treats and toys for your pet every month, saving you time spent on holiday shopping. Furthermore, subscriptions can be tailored to a pet’s dietary restrictions and toy preferences.



There are countless exciting and handy presents to give your beloved pet. Our gift guide suggestions can help your four-legged friend get in the holiday spirit. Happy Holidays!

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