Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Your Pets

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are upon us and we will soon be welcoming a new year! As this special time of year approaches, we get so busy preparing and shopping for those we love it can be easy to forget about our four-legged friends. However, if you’re a pet owner, you know that your four-legged friends are part of the family so make sure you include them in your celebrations. Here’s our 2018 list of great stocking stuffer ideas for your pets.


For Both:

  • Treats- Both dogs and cats love treats. You can make your own or pick up your pet’s favorite at your local grocery or pet store. Treats are a great tool for training, rewarding good behavior and just tiding them over between meals.
  • Dental treats- Some dogs don’t mind having their teeth cleaned and then some really don’t like it at all. However, good dental care is important for both dogs and cats. If your pet fights this, then consider getting dental treats. They’re easier to use than tooth brushes plus your dog or cat feels like their getting an extra treat that’s actually good for their teeth.
  • New Collars- Sometimes a new collar is in order and what better time to outfit your furry friend than with a fun new collar during the holidays.

For Dogs:

Most dogs love toys, especially when they require you, their human, to play with them. Here’s some of our favorite toys for your dog’s stocking:

  • Plush Toys
  • Rope Toys: these are great for playing tug-of-war plus they clean their teeth
  • Kong toys: these are a great way to engage your dog while you’re away. It’s a toy and a treat combined. Your dog stays engage for a long time as they try to get to the treats inside.
  • Ball Fetch: Another great toy that requires human participation.

For Cats:

Our favorite stocking stuffers for our feline friends include:

  • Laser Lights: they love chasing the lights provided by these handy little tools
  • Plush fur mice: cats love chasing mice and these plush ones offer all the fun for them and no mess for you
  • Catnip: they love it!
  • Teaser wand: Another great toy cats love. As a cat parent, you can choose to hold this and play with you cat or place it where the cat can play on its own.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we hope these ideas provide some great inspiration.

Happy Holidays from Hillrose Pet Resort!

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