Does your dog always lick you?

Why Does My Dog ……

Always lick me?

It’s not much of a conundrum really. The bottom line is that they love, love, love you and are showing a sign of affection.

As much as barking can be, licking is also a multi-faceted tool that seems to play many roles in your pets behavior. Licking is an instinct and your pet can be trained to learn that it isn’t always necessary.

Some of the reasons pets lick us are:

• Licking can be a source of solicitation whether for food or attention
• It’s just another sensory tool like reaching out an touching something
• Canine attention seeking behavior – licking to get your attention
• Can be a way of playing – it may be the dogs version of play fighting

Nevertheless dogs can be trained to turn of the tap, so to speak; time an patience are needed.

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