Can My Pet Get ….


The simple answer is yes, they can but there are ways to help keep them away from harm.

Typically you may see affects on the tips of the ears, the tail, scrotum and the feet especially their toes. Signs usually go something like this:

The area is cold and hard to the touch
It may be a grey color
As the area thaws it becomes red in color and will slough over

What should you do if you suspect:

Warm the area with warm (NEVER HOT) water
Use warm compresses to keep the area warm
Let the area dry and be very gentle if working on the foot area
Do not rub or massage the area
Contact your Vet or Emergency Clinic to have your pet examined
Do not give any medication unless instructed to do so

Keep watch on your pets just like you would yourself and there will not be any problems.

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