5 Ways Your Dog Can Help You Get a Date

In February, love is in the air. We know by now that having a dog is excellent for your health and gives you wonderful canine companionship. However, having a dog can also help your love life. Research suggests that having a dog, a social animal that brings you out into the world, is a great way to meet potential dates. Here are the facts when it comes to matters of the heart:

1. Canine Conversation Starter

Without a doubt, having a dog is a great conversation starter to anyone you find attractive. According to a survey put on by Dognition (a science-based project with the aim of understanding dog and human relationships), 82% of people would feel more confident interacting with an attractive stranger if they had their dog by their side. This goes for both men and women, giving them the extra jolt needed to make the first move. Talk about the perfect wingman!

2. A Good Bet

Place your love bets! The University of Bretange Sud in France explored how dogs open doors for romance. In one study, a man named Antoine approached 240 women to ask them on dates. When alone, only 1 in 10 said yes, with his charismatic pup by his side; however, 1 in 3 women obliged. In other words, your rates more than double if you have a dog barking you up.

3. Dogfishing

Dogs can also help in online dating. In a fairly new phenomenon after “catfishing,” where the person isn’t who they say they are, “Dogfishing” is where people pose with a dog that isn’t theirs to attract more dates. A 2014 survey put on by Match.com indicated that women were twice as likely to say they were attracted to someone because they have a pet. Sadly, the same data doesn’t extend to women. In fact, there was a certain percentage of men who were specifically daunted by women who have committed to owning a dog.

To curb some of the fake pet owner profiles so you can find your dog-loving soulmate, there is a new dog-owner specific dating app called Dig.

4. Reveals Traits in Potential Partners

Finding love is more than just going out on a date. Once you start getting close with someone, your dog can help figure out if they have the personality traits that fit your lifestyle. Online dating coach Erika Ettin suggests that if your date is put off by a few dog hairs on your couch, or dog slobber, they likely aren’t for you. The American Kennel Club conducted a Valentine’s Day survey, which concluded that 66% of dog owners said they wouldn’t even consider dating someone who didn’t also like their dog.

Dogs can also be used as a great excuse to get out of a bad date. “Sorry, I have to go home to let my dog out,” is a perfectly believable way to get out of a less-than-great evening.

5. Your Dog Reflects Your Character

In the New York Times, research shows that if you have a dog, people perceive you as more approachable, empathetic, and even happier. It is also a mating signal that signifies you are a nurturing person. A Canadian study done by Anika Cloutier and Johanna Peetz shows a definite correlation between pet ownership and a satisfying relationship. Not only does your dog get you a date, they can potentially help you have a successful, long-lasting relationship.

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