Four Steps to Take When Your Dog Eats Something Toxic

If you are a dog owner, you have most likely had the unnerving experience of discovering that your beloved canine has eaten something you know to be dangerous. This happens at times and sadly, we lose pets in this manner from time-to-time-- but not always!  If your dog has eaten something toxic, he can make a full recovery if you follow these steps.


  1. DO NOT PANIC! That may seem like a tall order when you discover your dog has endangered himself but remember, panic will NOT help the situation. It is important that you stay calm so that you can do what is necessary.
  2. GATHER INFORMATION: Try to determine, as best you can, the time-frame of when your dog may have eaten the item, how much may have been ingested and gather up whatever evidence there may be. BRING IT WITH YOU!
  3. CALL YOUR VET! Call your vet and get your dog there as quickly as possible; if it is after-hours, call an emergency vet number… hopefully, you have one close at hand; if not take care of that before there is an emergency. You can also try the Pet Poison Helpline: 1-855-764-7661 Also, it is important to be honest with your Vet. Sometimes people can choose to not reveal everything because perhaps their pet got into an illegal substance they had in their home. Remember, your pet’s well-being is your vet’s priority; they are not there to judge you but to heal your pet.
  4. DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING: Do not offer your dog syrup of ipecac or anything else to induce vomiting; your vet will know what to do based on the information you provide. Sometimes inducing vomiting can be worse!

Understandably, we can’t be watching our pets every second of the day so taking steps to ensure they won’t get into dangerous items is the best way to prevent this type of incident. For tips on how to keep your dog safe around the house, you can click here to read a previous blog post on the subject.

We hope you have found these four steps helpful and more importantly, we hope you NEVER have to use them!

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