Cat Boarding

Cats love staying at Hillrose Pet Resort

At Hillrose Pet Resort, we provide the ultimate experience for your cat. From private enclosures to family suites, your cats will love their stay at Hillrose. Learn more about our cat boarding facilities below and then call or book your reservation online.

Cat Boarding Facility in SeaTac, WA


Features of our Cat Boarding Services

We offer three options for boarding cats and cat sitting in Seattle Washington – sixteen standard private enclosures, three cat suites and four executive suites where cats and dogs from the same family can stay together.

  • The cattery is separate from the dog kennel area so that those cats that are not used to the barking of dogs can enjoy the most peaceful environment.
  • Each of our sixteen standard enclosures are three foot by three foot. Most have windows where neighboring squirrels and rabbits make their way by to entertain our cat visitors.
  • Each cat enclosure has a decorated wooden “doll” bed with blanket. Cats who like to sleep comfortably can sleep on top the bed while cats who like to hide under things can hide under the bed.
  • Some cat enclosures have connecting doors so that when a family registers more than one cat with us, the door can be opened to create a double room.
  • Three cat suites include a tall scratching post/climbing tower with house on top.
  • Each cat enclosure has a private kitty litter area and the cattery has its own private ventilation system with an exhaust fan that pulls odors away from each litter pan and vents them outdoors above the roof of the building.
  • The cattery is nearly sound proof and while airplanes fly by on a minute by minute basis, the cats do not hear them. A radio is also playing in the cattery.
  • For entertainment the cats can watch the small fish in the large aquarium in the center of the cattery or (because cats love to watch people) the visitors and staff who are visible through windows that look into the lobby.
  • Our state of the art cattery is located just to the left of the reception desk. Playtimes for cats are available for an extra fee and occur inside the cattery.

Our Cat Boarding Facilities

Take a look around our beautiful cat boarding area.