Executive Family Suites

Families love boarding together

At Hillrose Pet Resort, we provide the perfect home away from home for all your pets. In our executive family suites, dogs and cats from the same family can board together! Learn more about our executive family suites below and then call or book your reservation online.


Features of our Executive Family Suites

We are more than a pet hotel, we are a pet resort. We have four executive suites for those families whose pets are the primary residents of the household. These home like pet lodge rooms come complete with toddler bed, bedding, rug and TV.

  • Our executive suites are immediately behind the reception area. They each have beds for domesticated dogs that are fully house trained. We also allow owners to bring in their own bed in the executive suites. We do keep an eye on the bedding but it is strictly allowed at the owner’s risk.
  • The Executive Family Suites are the only area where dogs and cats of the same family can board together. If a dog and cat are boarding together, the cat condo is added so that the dog does not eat the cat food and the cat can get some rest once in a while.
  • Suite candidates may be of different sizes, whereas when they board in our standard runs they may be housed on different floors – small dogs upstairs and larger dogs downstairs. With the additional space in the executive suite, it is unlikely that the bigger dog will step on their roommate.
  • Potty breaks are done every two or three hours when they are taken to the exercise area for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Our receptionist keeps an eye on clients staying in the Executive Suites and when we are not too busy, they get to know these pets better than our average boarder. Our suites fill up quickly, so make your reservations as early as possible.
  • The back two Executive Suites are ideal for those pets that would get too excited about our lobby activity. The front two Executive Suites are ideal for geriatric dogs that need to be monitored more frequently.
  • For entertainment, Disney movies may be played in an Executive Suite for up to 90 minutes each day. We find that dogs get bored after watching 90 minutes of TV.
  • One daily complimentary 15 minute play time is included in the price of the Executive Suites. Up to two extra daily play times may be added at an extra charge.

Our Executive Family Suites Facilities

Take a look around our executive family suites complete with comfy bedding, scratching posts and TV.