We offer affordable rates for professional pet boarding services. Our prices are lower than in-city Seattle, WA facilities. Prices below are for check-ins.

Please note that if you checkout before noon Monday through Friday, you will not be charged for that day. We always charge for Sunday if you board over Saturday night. Sundays are by appointment only from 2 PM to 8 PM. Also note that to keep our rates low, we charge for the services that some customers may not need.

*Prices effective 1/1/2023

Please Note:

Advanced boarding fees due at check-in.
Must have a credit card on file at check-in.


Item Description Price
Dog Boarding Kennel Prices 1-30 lbs $50.00
31-80 lbs $50.00
81+ lbs $50.00
Cattery Prices Standard Room $40.00
Townhouse Suites $50.00
Each Additional Cat Standard Rate
Executive Suites
Available for same or multispecies families.
Dogs and cats can share a suite.
1st Pet $64.00
Each Additional Pet Standard Rate
Day Care
Includes one playtime pick-up any time before closing.
Any Size Dog or Cat $24.00 / day
Only one discount may be applied per pet after the sharing discount.
Add Pet Same Run 25% off Boarding Price
Seniors 65+ 15% off boarding Price


Additional Charges

Item Description Price
Special Feeding Prices
If your pet can use our food there is no charge.
But if the food requires defrosting or special preparation there is an extra charge
Supplied Food No Charge
Feeding with
Owner Supplied Food
$1.00 / Feeding
or Day
Defrosting or
Special Preparation
$2.00 / Feeding
or Day
(Max 3 Per Day)
Single Pet $12/15 min. Exercise
Multiple Pet $16/15 min. Exercise
Multiple Pet $24/15 min. Exercise
with two Handlers


Additional Services

Service Description Details
Medication Service
We call delivery of medication "a dosage." If your pet has medications that can be done at the same time, we only charge a single dosage.
We charge $0.50/dosage regardless of the number of medications. Sorry, please board your pet at your veterinarian if they need injections or are infectious. Your pet can have up to three dosages/day so this is at most $1.50/day extra.
After Hours Check-ins and Check-outs
May be requested two weeks in advance. There is no guarantee that such services will be available unless they are confirmed by Hillrose Pet Resort.
$50.00 Charge