Five Reasons to Develop a Running Routine with Your Dog

Here at Hillrose Pet Resort, we are firm believers in the benefit of regular exercise for your pets and we’ve shared a number of blogs and social posts encouraging this habit. So, in an effort to be consistent, but also offer some variety, we’d like to focus on the specific benefits of developing a running routine with your dog.


Running is one of the most convenient forms of exercise that a person can do. It really just requires a good pair of running shoes and some comfortable work-out clothes in order to get started. No gym memberships are needed and a person doesn’t even need to possess a great deal of athletic ability in order to participate. We’re all born with the ability to run. OK, maybe we don’t all LOVE it; but we all have the ability to do it. However, a great way to enhance the experience, especially if you’re not passionate about running, is to include your dog in the effort. Here are five benefits you’ll enjoy when you do:

  • You BOTH get exercise: Running with your dog allows both of you to get the exercise you need.
  • Your dog will provide motivation: Has there ever been a dog who didn’t want to get out and explore with their human? If you’re having a day where it’s hard to find the motivation, look to your dog; he’ll find enough for both of you.
  • Your dog will push you: Dogs love to run and can run rather fast. This can be beneficial to you when you’re running by pushing you to go faster at times during your run. These intervals of higher speed will push you toward a higher level of fitness more quickly. You may not be inclined to push yourself in this manner, but your dog will be more than happy to oblige.
  • It heightens your senses and protects you: Running with your dog requires that you be on constant alert to keep your dog safe from traffic as well as other animals you may encounter. However, your dog also acts as a body-guard for you. Dogs have keen senses and can detect danger even before we do. We’ve heard countless stories over the years of how a dog has come to the rescue of their human and we’ve heard many from our own clients, first hand. Taking your dog along on your run could just be a life-saver for you!
  • It provides mental and emotional benefits: The benefits for you and your dog extend beyond the obvious physical benefits; it provides mental and emotional benefits as well. It’s an opportunity to bond with your dog and it also provides him much needed mental stimulation. Accessing a variety of routes will expose him to many different sights, sounds and smells that give him ample stimulation. It can also help your dog’s socialization as he may meet other canines along the way.

So, grab your running shoes and your dog’s leash and hit the trail!  You and your dog will be so glad you did!

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