Keeping your Pet Safe in Warm Weather

Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Warm Weather

Summertime is officially here and with that comes longer days, more relaxed routines and enjoying the great outdoors in the warm, summer temperatures.  While there are many wonderful things about summer, the warmer weather it brings can sometimes pose a risk to our pets.  Here at Hillrose Pet Resort, we think it’s important to offer a few reminders about how to keep your pets safe in the warm weather.


·         Never leave your pet in the car as temperatures get warmer. Most everyone knows this and would never do this intentionally, but sadly, there are occasions when people may forget or simply not realize how quickly the temperature can rise in a parked car during the summer months. Even if the temperature is not terribly hot outside, it can quickly rise inside the car. For example, on a 72 degree day, the temperature inside the car can rise to 116 degrees within about 30 minutes.  That temperature is fatal for a pet inside the car. If you need to run errands on a warm sunny day, it’s best to leave your pet at home where he can find shade or even stay inside where it’s much cooler. 

·         Exercise your pet in the morning or evening.  Maintaining regular exercise for your pet is important during the summer months, and in fact, some people find they exercise their pets more during the summer thanks to longer days and the more relaxed schedule. However exercising in excessive heat is just as hard on pets as it is on humans. A simple rule to remember, is if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet as well. The cooler time of the mornings or evenings are the best time to exercise your pets during the summer.

·         Watch for heartworms, ticks and fleas. These pests can be more prevalent during the summer months, particularly in certain parts of the country.  Make sure you speak with your vet about medications that will keep your pet safe from these warm weather pests.

·         Make sure there is always plenty of fresh water and shade. If your work schedule does not change during the summer and your pet will be spending time outdoors, make sure there is plenty of fresh water for him to drink and a shady place in the yard. 



If you spend a lot of time around water during the summer, it is important to safeguard your pet as well. Some breeds of dogs love the water while others do not.  If you have a breed of dog that is reluctant to get into the water, don’t force them in; this will only increase their fear of the water.  Allow them to gradually get acclimated to the water.  Again, consider how you would introduce a young child to the water and apply that principle to your pet.

Additionally, boats are a fun part of the summer and many pets love a boat ride, but falling into the water can be dangerous for your pet. The larger the breed, the more dangerous it can be.  Trying to pull a lab out of the water is much more difficult than trying to pull a smaller breed out of the water. Yes, most dogs can dog paddle, but in deeper waters a dog can get tired; even dogs that are used to the water such as labs.   Purchasing a life vest for your dog that he wears while boating provides an extra measure of safety for him. 


Another wonderful outdoor opportunity that warmer weather provides is gardening. Who doesn’t love a yard full of beautiful blooming flowers and shrubs? However, there are some risks that gardening can bring.  Here are some things to consider.

  • Make sure your plants are safe for your pets
  • Store fertilizer and insecticides out of reach of your pets
  • Carefully follow the safety instructions on garden products paying close attention to how long pets should stay away from treated areas.
  • Pay close attention to the type of mulch you might be using; cocoa bean mulch is as toxic for dogs as chocolate is.
  • If you use a lawn care service, make sure they are aware that you have a pet


We hope you take the time to enjoy the warm weather and great outdoors this summer and remember, if you can’t take your pet along with you, your pet is always welcome at Hillrose Pet Resort

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