Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Holidays

The holidays are fast approaching and for most of us, the holidays are a wonderful time of year. Here in the United States, Thanksgiving is typically seen as the beginning of the holiday season as families gather to celebrate and give thanks. The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can also be extra busy as there are many things to do to prepare for the season. During all the excitement and preparation, it can be easy to forget about the increased risks that this season can pose to our pets. To keep your holidays happy, here are a few reminders that will help you keep your pets safe during the holidays.


Chances are you have a very well-trained and well-behaved pet who lives in your home. However, during the preparation of the Thanksgiving meal, there are many more delicious smells that are present in your home to entice your pet……. mainly the turkey! Cats and dogs alike love turkey but remember it’s full of bones that are very dangerous for dogs and you may stuff your turkey and use string to tie it up, which can be dangerous for both cats and dogs if they were to try and eat it. We’ve all seen the funny memes that circulate on social media depicting a guilty looking (or happy looking) pet who has “stolen” the main course. Believe it or not, these things do happen and can pose a serious health threat to your pet, depending on what they ingest. To avoid these disasters, you may need to crate your pet for a time during the festivities, but do reward him or her with a tasty meal that includes a few of the “pet-safe” foods on your menu such as:

  • Turkey without the bones
  • Green beans
  • A small portion of gravy and mashed potatoes



The Christmas season is a joyous time of year that can also bring a lot of temptations for your pet. The Christmas tree alone can pose several dangers for pets. Both cats and dogs can be tempted by the tree lights and ornaments. To protect your pet and your tree, you may want to consider putting a pet gate around your tree to keep them from breaking ornaments or worse, knocking over the tree. Here is a list of additional tips to protect your pet during the Christmas season.

  • Avoid putting tinsel on your tree; it can be dangerous for pets if swallowed.
  • Mistletoe, holly, and poinsettias are all toxic plants for pets and should be kept well out of their reach.
  • Make sure chocolate treats are kept away from pets.
  • Keep candles well out of your pets’ reach.
  • If you have a fireplace in your home, make sure you have a screen to shield your pet from the fire. Of course, this is also smart for households with young children.
  • Make sure alcoholic beverages are kept away from pets.
  • If you plan to entertain and have large groups in your home, make sure your pets are crated during parties. Pets can often become anxious around large groups and even run away, so keep them safe and secure during parties.
  • When ringing in the New Year, make sure pets are secured if fireworks are involved. New Year’s Eve can be just as scary as the 4th of July.

Tips provided by The Bark

Keep your pets safe this holiday season by following these tips and you’re sure to have a safe and happy holiday with family, friends and your pets.

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