Making Back to School Time Easier for Your Pet

Making Back to School Time Easier for Your Pet

No doubt, as summer winds down and fall approaches, you begin to get your kids ready for back to school, but have you ever considered that this change in routine can be hard for your pet? Think about it: most likely you and your kids have been home during the summer and your pet has had lots of extra company during the day and most likely, a lot more activity. The sudden change of a quiet house with no one around can be a hard one for your pet so to help with this transition, we’ve come up with a list of ideas that we believe will make the back to school time easier for your pet.


  1. Feeding Strategically- Try to schedule your pet’s feeding just prior to his longest stretch of being alone. If possible, take him for a walk as well.  Having your pet exercised and a full tummy will help him feel more settled and maybe even a little tired as he spends a long span of time alone.
  2. Buy a new toy- Providing your pet with a new, safe chew toy is a great way to distract them from the fact that they’re alone. Kong toys are great because you can hide treats in them and this can keep them occupied for a long while.
  3. Encourage Independence at home- While we all love it when our pets snuggle with us, it’s good if they can be trained to be on their own even while we’re home with them. Teach your dog “down-stays” where he learns to lie down and stay in one spot for a while. This is a good thing to practice while watching TV. Have your dog lie down and stay on the other side of the room while watching TV. You can work up to longer periods of time as he learns and be sure and praise him for doing a good job.
  4. Add some extra exercise- Lengthening the time he’s out for a walk or adding in an extra walk is another great way to help with the back to school transition. Exercise helps makes them happy because they’re spending time with their owners and it has two added benefits: it tires them out and it’s healthy for you as well.
  5. Consider daycare at a nearby kennel- Adding one or two daycare visits per week into your pet’s routine can be a great way to help them during the back to school transition time. Doggie Daycare teaches them to socialize with other dogs, keeps them from getting bored and puts your mind at ease knowing your pet is having fun and receiving great care.

Daycare at Hillrose Pet Resort is a great option for pet owners living near SeaTac. Our daycare packages are affordable, our kennels are very clean and we have a caring and welcoming staff who would love to care for your pet.

If you’d like to add daycare to help make the back to school transition easier for your pet, contact us; we’d love to help.

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