Making Travel Plans Easier with Convenient Dog Boarding Near SeaTac Airport

When you leave for vacation, your dog is aware that it’s different than your usual trip to the office or grocery store. Dogs can be highly perceptive. They watch as you pack your suitcase, empty the fridge, etc.; if you’ve ever vacationed before, they understand these things to mean that you will be gone for a while.

When your dog has their own “vacation spot” such as a regular boarding facility that they love, what normally could be a sad time for them becomes as exciting as your upcoming trip.

At Hillrose Pet Resort, located just minutes from SeaTac airport, we create a hospitable environment to make your dog feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Dogs love coming back to us because it feels like their very own vacation – keeping them occupied while you enjoy yours!

Home Away from Home

Just like that favorite spot on the couch – giving your pup a consistent home away from home can drastically improve their experience while you’re away.

Our climate-controlled enclosures offer several customizable options, including private individual enclosures, family units for multiple dogs of the same household, and even executive suites where your dogs and cats can stay together.

The Opportunity to Socialize

Socializing with other dogs and people can be highly beneficial for their mental health and well-being. It also gives them less time to sit at home and think about where you are!

Each of our units connects to an outside exercise area. Big dogs and small dogs are kept in separate areas. This, in addition to our team of professional handlers, ensures your dog can be as sociable as they would like to be without any danger to their well-being.

A Strict Schedule

Distraction is the name of the game. With planned exercise, meals, and play times, your pet is kept busy throughout the day. When your dog has a reliable and consistent schedule, their stress levels are minimized, making for a pleasant stay.

In addition to included daily walks by one of our handlers, one-on-one playtime can be purchased at an additional fee for pups who just need a little extra love.

Professional Staff

With your pet under constant supervision by our professional handlers, you can take comfort in knowing their health is in good hands. We will monitor your pups’ eating habits and general behavior to ensure they are well. Pets with chronic health conditions can particularly benefit from this.

Your pets' happiness when you are away is paramount to their mental well-being. Take the time to plan your dogs' vacation at Hillrose Pet Resort and enjoy peace of mind while you are away.

Make a Reservation today, or feel free to Contact Us with any further questions.

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