Pamper Your Pet on a Budget this Holiday Season


Pamper Your Pet on a Budget this Holiday Season

It’s the Holiday season and one of the main things on everyone’s mind is gift-buying. For some, this is one of the highlights of the season but for others, this can be stressful, particularly if you’re on a tight budget.  Of course, one gift you don’t want to forget is the one for your pet, and fortunately, we’ve got some ideas on how to help with that; the best part is that all of these ideas are budget-friendly.

The Gift of Time

One of the BEST gifts you can give your pet is the gift of your time.  Social and affectionate pets deserve special time with their family. Since you will most likely have time off during the holidays, plan to spend a little extra with your pet, snuggling on the couch or going for a hike. Both of these activities are completely FREE!  What could be easier (and better) then sitting down on your couch to watch a timeless Christmas movie and enjoy some extra cuddles with your furry friend? Or better yet, when it’s time to start working off the tasty treats of the season, grab your dog and go for a hike. You both will benefit from breathing fresh air, getting exercise and just spending time together.

Budget Friendly Toys

If you’re looking for some fun toys to put in your pet’s stocking this Holiday season, check out the holiday deals at your local pet supply store or shop online.  This is a great time of year to take advantage of holiday sales as retailers seek to move inventory in order to stock new items. Another great way to fill your pets stocking is to check out some DIY projects online.  Simply Google “DIY Pet Toys” and you’ll find an abundance of pet toys that you can make yourself.  Pinterest is a great resource as well.

Hillrose Pet Resort: A Pampered Pet's Paradise

Hillrose offers pet boarding, daycare and grooming and we offer a $25 off coupon to all first-time customers.  If you plan to travel, board your pet with us. We are conveniently located in SeaTac, just minutes from the airport. We offer an Airport Employee Discount to all SeaTac Airport employees on both daycare and pet boarding. We also have a partnership with Alaska Airlines offering our frequent boarders Alaska Airlines miles. For every dollar you spend at Hillrose Pet Resort, we will credit your Alaska Air frequent flyer account with 1 mile. For example, if your Hillrose Pet Resort bill is $400 then you will receive 400 miles on your Alaska Airlines Frequent Flyer program.

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