Tips for New Pet Owners

Tips for New Pet Owners

Every pet owner has had a time they were new to owning a pet. There are ways to get this new experience wrong and ways to get it right. Of course, no one wants their first pet experience to go poorly, so we’ve compiled a list of tips for new pet owners to ensure your first pet experience goes smoothly.


Do Your Research

It’s important to know everything about your new pet ahead of time. This includes information about the breed/type of pet, their diet, common health issues, etc. If you fully understand these topics, you will be well prepared to properly take care of your specific pet.


Find a Trustworthy Vet

Choosing the right veterinarian is essential. You wouldn’t go to a doctor you know nothing about, so why take your pet to a random veterinarian? Check the veterinarian’s reviews, drive to the office, ask friends or family for recommendations, and maybe even find time to talk to the veterinary office. It’s a given that your pet will be afraid to go to the vet, but you shouldn’t be scared as well.


Choose the Right Food

When it comes to food, it doesn’t only matter what you want, but what your pet wants as well. Be prepared to try plenty of different brands until you find the brand that suits your requirements and is loved by your pet while also not upsetting their body. This also applies to treats you give your pet. This is a great topic to discuss with your veterinarian for advice and recommendations.


Prepare Your Home

Your pet’s safety is of utmost importance. Making sure your home is prepared ahead of time for your new pet is one of the first things you should do. Pet-proofing involves ensuring your pet cannot get into dangerous items/areas in your home. You can purchase plenty of pet-proofing items to make this task easier. You also need to pay attention to plants and cleaning supplies that may be poisonous to pets.


Start Training Right Away

If your new pet is a dog, be prepared to spend time training him. Instilling the behaviors you want will be easier if you start training from the beginning. It’s also important to socialize with your pet as much as possible, as this teaches them to get used to being held/touched by humans and get along with other animals. You want your pet to form a strong bond with you and anyone else in the household, and spending time training and playing with your pet can help this bond develop.


Get the Right Supplies

Getting the right supplies is also key to taking care of your pet. Pets will need toys, water dishes, food dishes, lots of pet-friendly cleaning supplies, and more, depending on the type of pet. There are endless options, and it can all seem overwhelming, but focus on getting the essentials to start. A safe place such as a cage, crate, or bed (depending on the type of pet) is one of the first things you’ll need, along with feeding and health supplies. You’ll be amazed by how many pet supplies you accumulate over time!


Additional Tips:

  • Look into pet insurance
  • Train your pet to be comfortable in pet carriers and in the car
  • Sign up for a pet training course
  • Plan out daily activities for your pet
  • Pull aside some money you’re willing to spend on your pet


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