Winter Weather Care for Your Pet

Winter Weather Care for Your Pet

Winter weather adds requirements for pets to stay warm and safe. Here are tips to keep your pet comfortable during chilly days.


Keep them Indoors

Your home is the best place for your pets to spend most of their time during harsh winters. Keeping pets indoors is one of the most effective ways to keep pets safe during the winter. Veterinarians recommend limiting time outdoors when the temperature falls below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your pet’s walks to under 10 minutes if they are not wearing any protective gear.


Purchase Winter Clothing

If your pet will spend extended time in colder temperatures, we recommend purchasing winter clothing. Several sweaters and jackets are available for your furry friend to keep them warm during winter. Outerwear is especially crucial for older pets who are more sensitive to cold. Pets with short coats and those who have recently been ill can also benefit from an extra layer of protection.

However, it is also essential to ensure your pet doesn’t get overheated indoors. Signs that your pet is getting overheated include frantic panting, fatigue, and excessive salivation. If you see your pet exhibiting any of these symptoms, promptly adjust the room temperature or remove any outerwear.


Paw Protection

An often-overlooked area is your dog’s paws. While pet paws can tolerate frigid temperatures for longer periods than human feet, it is recommended to protect your pet’s feet if they will be outside for a while. Several types of dog paw gear are available, including boots and socks. If you have a feline companion, some boots for smaller dogs may work well for cats.

Other paw protection alternatives include paw balm to prevent sores and heal cracked, dry skin. If you are in a snowy area, washing your pet’s paws when they come back inside is a good idea to prevent rock salt or antifreeze chemicals from lingering on them.


Regular Grooming

Keeping your pets clean and groomed is important year-round. However, there are some winter-specific benefits to regular grooming. Brushing your pet can help distribute natural skin oils across its coat, which may alleviate dryness. Long-haired pets need more grooming during the winter, as their fur is susceptible to getting matted. Lastly, when bathing your pet, it is crucial to dry your furry friend as soon as possible, especially before going outside.


Indoor Exercise

Like humans, pets can gain weight when they spend less time outdoors. Fortunately, several options exist to keep pets physically active during winter, including obstacle courses, toys, and indoor exercise equipment. In addition, you can utilize free and low-cost alternatives to keep your four-legged friend moving, including hide-n-seek, stair routines, and scavenger hunts, all great ways to have your pets put in the effort for treats.


By keeping our tips in mind, your pet can have a more comfortable, safer winter. If you need a safe, warm place for your pet to stay while you’re away from home, check out Hillrose Pet Resort’s dog and cat boarding facilities.

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