Beating the Winter Blues for your Pet

Every season of the year has its advantages. Summer offers warm temperatures and a bit of a slower pace. Fall brings the start of school and back to routines. Spring brings the promise of new flowers, warmer weather and the knowledge that summer is just around the corner…. And then there’s winter! Well, winter certainly has its own beauty especially when it snows, but winter can also be difficult because the colder temperatures can be limiting on activities leading to a case of the wintertime blues.

Thankfully, here in the Seattle area, we don’t have harsh winters, but the rain can get a bit tiresome; especially for pets. Here’s a list of tips on how to beat the winter blues and keep your pets (and you) from getting cabin fever.


  • Training: Winter can be a great time to work on some indoor training with your dog. Set up a small obstacle course in your house and teach your dog to navigate the obstacles. You can also work on simple command training such as sit, come, retrieve etc. The mental training and stimulation can be just as tiring for your dog as the physical exercise.
  • Interactive Toys: Invest in one or two interactive toys for your pet. Kong toys are a great way to keep your dog busy and active during the day as he works to retrieve treats from the toy.
  • Get them out when you can: Not every winter day is cold and dreary; we do have some nice sunny days from time to time so take advantage of those and get them outdoors for a walk.
  • Brushing/Grooming: Take some time once a week during the winter to brush your pet. This is especially helpful for more long-haired dogs and cats. The brushing is a great way to connect with your pet while you keep their coats healthy.
  • Daycare: Mix up your pet’s routine a bit and enroll them in doggie daycare one or two times per week. This is a great way to increase their activity during the winter months and give them some socialization as well.

Here at Hillrose Pet Resort, we offer daycare for both dogs and cats and we have a loving and caring staff who will give your pet lots of love and attention!

Remember, winter can feel a bit long at times so do your best to add some variety to your pet’s routine and take heart; spring will be here before you know it!

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