Cleaning and Hygiene Hacks for Indoor Cats

If you’re a cat parent, you are well acquainted with the challenges of staying on top of the dust and dander these wonderful creatures leave behind. Sometimes, however, it can seem like no matter how much you do to keep things clean it’s still not enough. We’d like to share with you some easy and practical hacks for keeping your home and your cat clean and happy.


  • Regularly wash their bedding and collars-If your cat has a bed, and most do, these can become huge magnets for hair, odors and general grime. Washing their bedding weekly will greatly reduce the accumulation of hair and dander in your home. The same is true for their collars. A lot of hair can collect and get matted onto your cat’s collar causing them discomfort as well as odor. When you toss their bedding into the wash, throw their collar in along with it. As you get into this habit, you will begin to notice a cleaner environment with far less hair.
  • Brush Frequently- Cat’s don’t like baths and in fact, bathing cats too often can be irritating to their skin but they do love to be brushed and brushing your cat on a regular basis is one of the best things you can do for them. Additionally, brushing greatly helps to reduce their overall shedding. It helps to remove excess hair as well as dirt and dander that sits on top of your cat’s coat.
  • Keep rubber gloves on hand- One handy trick that we’ve learned recently is to use rubber gloves to remove hair from clothing and furniture. Lint rollers are handy but their tape will eventually run out, however, rubber gloves that are used for cleaning or dishes are a great way to gather the shed hair. They’re just as effective as lint rollers and unlike lint tape, they don’t “run out.”
  • Use an air purifier- A good air purifier will be invaluable for ridding your home’s air from dander and allergens.
  • Keep it clean- Being a pet parent is a wonderful thing that does come with a price and that price is the need to clean more frequently. Vacuuming and cleaning the litter box several times a week are equally important steps for keeping things clean. However here are a few other household tricks that will make this task a bit easier. Wrap the legs of your furniture in twine to keep cats from scratching them. Keep your cats off your kitchen counters and other places by spritzing them with a citrus scent. Cats are not big fans of orange or lemon scent, so spraying areas of your house that you would like to keep “cat-free” may just do the trick.
  • Use dryer sheets- Finally, using dryer sheets in your dryer can be a great way to rid your clothes of cat hair. If you pull an article of clothing from your closet and notice a ton of cat hair on it, toss it into your dryer with a dryer sheet. You’ll find the dryer sheet attracts all the hair so you can leave your house looking and feeling clean and put together.


We hope you’ve found these hacks to be helpful. If you’re in the habit of doing these things already then keep up the good work, if not, we hope you found a few tips you can easily implement and start enjoying a cleaner happier home and cat!

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