Fall Fun For You And Your Dog

Fall Fun For You And Your Dog

Fall is a great season to spend time hanging out with your dog. Sidewalks are cooler for their paws, and the changing leaves give your downtime a colorful makeover. Here are a few ideas for activities we think you'll enjoy with your dog this fall.

Capture a Few Memories

Take your camera or phone and capture some precious memories of your dog. Get creative with the location and try to capture their personality in your photos. You could even make a photo album or scrapbook to document your adventures together.

Take A Walk

What could be more rejuvenating than a walk outside this time of year? The crisp air, colorful scenery, and a dog by your side make for a lovely afternoon. Explore a new trail at the park or try walking in the opposite direction to make the route seem fresh. A walk in nature is the perfect way to bond with your dog and get some exercise. Don't forget to put your phone away to be fully engaged with your dog. 😉


A weekend football game on TV is perfect for "tail-gating" with your dog. Many sports teams sell pet gear with logos (perfect for your furry mascot!) to take this fun to a new level. Gather a few of your favorite snacks, and don't forget a treat for your pup. Snuggling on the couch is the perfect way to cheer on your team and spend time with your furry best friend.

Play In The Leaves

Let's face it, playing in a pile of crunchy fall leaves = pure fun for a dog. This simple idea just involves chasing your dog around in the leaves. Toss them up and watch your dog jump and lunge to catch them. Pile them up and toss a ball into the pile for a new take on fetch.

Dress Up For Howl-O-Ween

All kinds of dog costumes are available these days: hot dogs, sharks, a cowboy on a saddle, superheroes, and the ever-popular Yoda. The possibilities are endless! You could even make your own costume. Be sure to measure your dog for a great fit. It's fun to celebrate the holiday and show off some personality.

Here are some extra tips to make your dog's fall great:

  • Make sure your dog is up-to-date on their vaccinations.
  • Keep your dog hydrated and always have fresh water available for them.
  • Update your pet's bedding for a clean, comfortable spot to sleep at night.
  • Spend lots of time with your dog and enjoy the fall season together!

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