Reasons To Adopt A Pet

Reasons To Adopt A Pet

There has always been an argument regarding owning a pet; should you adopt or buy one? While the decision is ultimately up to you, here are five reasons to consider adoption over shopping for a pet.

Second Chance at Life

One great reason to adopt a pet is to save them from the shelter and give them another chance at a happy life. Pets in shelters can have behavioral issues, usually due to a lack of proper training. They can also be victims of unfortunate circumstances by no fault of their own. For example, animals that are surrendered after their owner passes away. We know that pets can’t stay in shelters forever. Adopting these pets can save their life, and you get a new friend.

Previous Training

Another very pleasant reason is that adopted dogs can potentially be trained already. Some of the pets in shelters may have had owners in the past who properly taught them. In this case, they can come into your home with basic behavioral skills. Be cautious, however, as they may have picked up some unwanted traits from their previous owners or from other experiences. You may have to work on training behavior out of them.

Adopted dogs may also be more easily trainable since they have experienced the hardships of the shelters. Not all dogs will be this way; some may be much harder to train now than other dogs. Adopted dogs often have a stronger respect for their new house. The dog has lost their old one, so it will be much more likely to respect and defend its new one.


When you adopt a pet, there are some benefits you, as the owner, get as well. A big one is the cost. Shelter dogs are more affordable than purchased dogs. When you adopt an animal, they may also come with their necessary shots, which can further reduce the price of the pet. Of course, if the shelter had to microchip them, give them their vaccines, spay/neuter them, or provide them with parasite prevention, the adoption price may increase.

Make Room for More

Here’s a more obscure reason to adopt a pet over purchasing. When you remove a pet from an adoption center, you create a new spot for another pet to be placed and adopted. To put this into perspective, when you adopt, you give your new pet a better life and another pet the chance for a better one. You are potentially saving two lives instead of just one.

Share your Story

The last reason we would like to give for adopting is when you adopt, you can encourage your friends, coworkers, and everyone else to adopt. Saving a life is amazing, and spreading joy can change the lives of owners, and pets.

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