Epic Animal Rescue Stories that will Warm Your Heart

Epic Animal Rescue Stories that will Warm Your Heart

One of the best aspects of being in the pet care business is that we get to hear some wonderful stories from our clients about the pets they have rescued over the years. We have the privilege of caring for some of these fortunate souls here at Hillrose Pet Resort and while we love all the pets that come here, the ones that have been rescued by their owners have a very special place in our hearts and like most people, we never get tired of hearing animal rescue stories.  However it’s not always just dogs and cats that are getting rescued, every now and then we come across a rescue story that’s a bit more “EPIC” in nature and we’d like to share those with you.  We hope you will find these epic rescue stories as heart-warming as we did.



drowning black bear rescue


Although this happened a few years back, we thought this story from Inquisitr was quite amazing.  A bear managed to find its way to a residential area near Tallahassee, FL. Animal control arrived to tranquilize the bear but instead of the bear dropping to the ground, he darted off toward the Gulf of Mexico. Once the bear hit the water, the tranquilizer started to take effect. Fortunately, someone from the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission was there to save the day, and the bear.  As the bear reared up on his hind legs, he fell backwards and was submerged under the water for a moment; it was then that biologist Adam Warwick swooped in and was able to drag the 375 pound bear back to shore.  The bear was loaded onto a truck and relocated back to the wild once he recovered from the tranquilizer.



baby rhino rescue story 2


Here’s a story from INDEPENDENT that will both break and warm your heart.  Six-month old Gertjie was found crying by his mother’s lifeless body as she had been the victim of poachers in the area. Gertjie was sedated and taken to the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center in South Africa where he spends his days and nights with either his human caretaker or a sheep named Skaap, who is a surrogate parent to the other animals at the center.  Once he is older, Gertjie will be reintroduced to a wildlife reserve, but for now, he is happy to be at the HESC.



goat donkey rescue story


Have you ever wondered if animals who live together miss each other when one is away? Well, this heartwarming story from KTLA will answer that question.  A burro named Jellybean and a goat named Mr. G were rescued from a hoarder’s home in Southern California where they lived in squalor for ten years.  The burro was taken to one animal sanctuary and the goat was taken to another. Mr. G, the goat, was listless and would hardly eat anything despite having a clean bill of health. It didn’t take long for his care givers to realize that he was missing his burro friend Jellybean which prompted one of the volunteers to drive 14 hours round trip to pick up Jellybean and reunite him with Mr. G. As soon as he saw Jellybean, the depression and listlessness lifted from Mr. G, who scampered around with a renewed sense of purpose after seeing his friend.  The two have not been apart since.



poodle dog rescue story


Sadly, when Woody’s owner died, no arrangements were made for Woody, who was ultimately abandoned and left to fend for himself.  For an entire year Woody waited for the return of his owner and found a nearby shed for shelter and survived on scraps that a few neighbors would toss to him.  He grew thin and his fur became matted due to lack of care. Eventually someone contacted a local shelter who came to Woody’s aid.  They rescued him from the shed where he was staying, bathed and groomed him and provided him with food and care until he found a new forever home.  Once Woody was adopted by a new family, his transformation was astounding.  This story from The Dodo serves as a great reminder that our pets are part of our family and just as we would make arrangements for our family and estate in the event of our passing, it is equally important to remember any pets that may be in your household and ensure they are cared for as well.



dog hoarder rescue story


The last story from The Jackson Sun is quite astounding.  Earlier this year the Animal Rescue Corps helped a local police department rescue a total of 22 dogs from a property in Huntingdon, TN.  Police visited the home for an unrelated matter and found the dogs on the property.  The police contacted the local liaison for Animal Rescue Corps who rescued all of the dogs; 13 Chihuahuas, 2 Pitbull types, one Norwich Terrier and litters of puppies.  The dogs showed signs of neglect such as dehydration, mange, worms and many other issues.  Animal Rescue Corps will see to it that each dog will receive the veterinary care that is needed. Efforts are being made to contact the owner, but should those efforts fail, the dogs will be put up for adoption.


While this is a sad and distressing story, organizations like Animal Rescue Corps are doing amazing things when it comes to caring for neglected and abandoned pets. For those of us in the Pet care industry, nothing is more heartbreaking than hearing about abandoned and neglected animals, but then nothing gives us more hope and encouragement than when we see our fellow human beings step in and care for these furry creatures.

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