Fun Things to do with Your Dog in the Hot Days of Summer

Fun Things to do with Your Dog in the Hot Days of Summer

Depending on where you live, summers can get hot. We may like to sit around inside our home where it is friendly and relaxed from the air conditioning, but our dogs may not. Dogs are active animals who need to run and play and get exercise. So what can you do with them on hot summer days? Check out our list of what you can do with your dog this summer.

Play in the pool

Most dogs are natural-born swimmers, and taking them into a pool is an excellent way for both of you to cool off, which can keep your dog entertained for hours. If your dog isn't the best swimmer, you can get a dog life jacket. Don't forget to hose the chlorine off your dog afterward, so that it doesn't irritate their eyes, ears, and skin.

Visit a dog-friendly beach.

There are many dog-friendly beaches where you can take your dog to run around, play fetch, and splash in the water. The beach is an excellent way for both of you to cool off and get some exercise.

Go on a road trip

Take your dog on a ride in your air-conditioned car, or keep the windows down, letting the wind blow your dog's fur. Either way, you can both enjoy new scenery and get away from home a little bit.

Swim in a pond, lake, or river

If you prefer natural bodies of water, you can have fun with your dog by swimming in a pond, lake, or river. It is recommended that you put your dog in a life jacket when swimming in these types of water. Remember to clean your dog afterward to avoid any unnecessary infections from bacteria in the water.

Go camping

Take a weekend camping trip with your dog in an area where the temperatures are cool. You can go on a hike, play in a creek, and enjoy the outdoors together.

We hope that we have inspired you to get out with your furry best friend while staying cool during the hot summer days. Let us know what you like to do with your dog during hot summer days.


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