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Tips for Introducing Dogs and Cats

Wonder how your dog will react if you bring a new cat to your house to join the family? With a bit of preparation and lots of patience, there’s a good chance that your pets will live together in harmony, or let’s hope, something close to it.   Separate is best at first - When…
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6 Tips To Keep Your Cat From Destroying Your Furniture

Is your cat or kitten driving you crazy ripping up your expensive furniture? With a little knowledge and a little planning, you and your cat can reach a happy place and save your sofa. Scratching’s Purpose - It’s important to have insight as to why cat’s scratch in the first place. For a cat, a…
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5 Causes of Dog Fur Loss

Have you ever had a dog lose clumps of fur or have patches of fur missing? Sometimes it’s just the shedding that occurs with the change in seasons, but sometimes it is the result of other conditions that warrant concern and perhaps even a visit to your dog’s veterinarian for treatment. Let’s go through a…
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National Pet Fire Safety Day: 5 Pet Fire Hazards to Know About

When a human baby begins to crawl, its’ parents know it is time to finish baby-proofing the house. Funny enough, when you have pets, there are also steps you should take to make sure that they will be safe in your home. As with baby-proofing, pet-proofing can help prevent injuries and save lives. For National…
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