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5 Heroic Dogs that deserve being called a “Good Boy”

Let's face it: dogs are the best. Most of the time, they're either playing or sleeping, but in times of emergency, dogs can be literal lifesavers. Here are some famous dogs, not because they were in the movies (no offense, Lassie!), but because they are real-life heroes. Bandit In 2010, Rich DeStefani put a hairbrush…
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Important Customer Notice – Coronavirus Precautions

Hillrose Pet Resort has decided to implement several changes for the time being in response to the Coronavirus situation, effective immediately. Please read below. As a precaution, we are temporarily making the following changes: Check-In and Check-Out appointments are required; please call to schedule. Please do not enter our lobby if there is another customer…
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Ever Wonder What Dogs Can Smell That Humans Can’t?

Ever wonder what a dog’s nose knows that ours doesn’t? It’s actually an impressive list. Let’s start by discussing how they smell and why it’s important. A dog’s nose has separate pathways, one for breathing that directs the air to the lungs and one for smelling that leads air to folds of tissue that are…
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The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the US

What makes a dog “popular,” exactly? Much of the dog’s popularity comes from their one-of-a-kind looks. More importantly, a popular breed likely comes from their charming and loyal personalities. Is a playful pup in your near future? Want to add another to your established pack? Let’s discuss the American Kennel Club’s ten most popular breeds…
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