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Microchipping: A Small item that can make a Huge Difference

Here at Hillrose Pet Resort, we are BIG advocates of a very SMALL item known as the Microchip. Most likely you’ve heard of this very small piece of technology that can make such a huge difference in the life of your pet. In fact, much of the time it’s the microchip that allows a lost…
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Administering First Aid to your Pet

Veterinary care is something that all pet parents think about, however many don’t stop to think about the importance of providing first aid to our pets if it is needed. Just like it’s important to know how to administer first aid to our family members, it is equally important to know how to administer first…
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Poison Prevention Month: Keeping your Dog Safe from Poisons

We are continuing our focus on poison prevention for our pets this month.  In our previous blog, we focused on items that are toxic to cats. In this blog, we will focus on things around the house that are toxic for dogs. It’s important to know the similarities and the differences so that you will…
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Poison Prevention Month: Keeping your Cat Safe from Poisons

The month of March is Poison Prevention Month for pets. Of course, as pet parents, we are always concerned about their protection, but this month in particular, we are paying close attention to this issue and sharing many tips on ways to keep your pets safe. While dogs and cats have many similarities when it…
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