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Exploring the Basics of Dog Agility Training

Have you ever watched those competitions on tv where dogs effortlessly leap over a set of poles, turn sharply and race through a tunnel? Then, the dog sprints up a teeter-totter, carefully touching the colored area on both sides and rushes back to their handler at the finish line for a treat? That’s a dog…
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5 Close-to-Home Outdoor Activities That Dogs Love

Looking for things to do outside with your dog now that the weather is starting to warm up? Here are a few ways to stay busy, so grab your sunscreen and your dog and have fun! Fetch One outdoor activity loved by most dogs is a good game of fetch. Tennis balls, soft flying discs,…
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6 Strange Habits Cats Have And Clues To Why

For centuries, we've asked the question, "Are you a cat or a dog person?" Cats are independent and often unpredictable, while dog owners can seemingly read their dog's minds a little easier. Cat's strange behavior often mystify people while sometimes creating hilarious results. Here are some unusual habits cats have and clues to why. Chattering…
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4 Human Emotions Dogs Feel Too

Dogs are our best friends for a reason. Sure, we may project some "human" traits on to our furry friends, but not all are unfounded. Here are some interesting and complex human emotions researchers have found that dogs display too. Jealousy University of California at San Diego did a study on dogs who exhibit signs…
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