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Common Household Items that are Toxic for your Dog

When you have been in the pet care business as long as we have, you sometimes have to deal with the sad reality of your clients losing their beloved pets because they have ingested something that was harmful to them. It’s never a pleasant thing to think about but it is important to be aware…
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Common Pet Diseases You Can Prevent

As people in the pet care business, we can say, without reservation, that the biggest concern of pet parents is how to maintain the overall health of their pet. There are some diseases that affect pets, particularly as they age, that we have no control over. However, there are a number of other diseases that…
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Allergies in Dogs: Symptoms and Tips

We hear a lot about humans suffering from allergies. They may be seasonal and weather-related, or they may be food related. Either way, allergies can make life pretty miserable especially when it’s hard to find relief. Did you know that dogs can also suffer from allergies? It’s true and sadly they aren’t able to tell…
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Cleaning and Hygiene Hacks for Indoor Cats

If you’re a cat parent, you are well acquainted with the challenges of staying on top of the dust and dander these wonderful creatures leave behind. Sometimes, however, it can seem like no matter how much you do to keep things clean it’s still not enough. We’d like to share with you some easy and…
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