5 Essentials For Walking Your Dog In The Rain

Dogs need much exercise every day, and it isn’t always enough for them to fetch in the backyard. So, taking your dog on a daily walk is essential, whether in the rain or sunshine. This time of year, is wetter than most. To overcome the challenges of walking your dog in the rain, here are five essentials you will need for walking your dog on a rainy day.

1. Use a reflective leash and collar
One of the main concerns is that it is more challenging for drivers to see clearly during the rainy season. As a result, there is a considerable risk of drivers not noticing your dog, which increases the chances of an accident. You should substitute your dog’s leash and collar with reflective ones to prevent accidents. The vehicle lights will bounce off of the leash and collar of your dog while you are walking, making sure your dog is more apparent to drivers.

2. Pick a route with less traffic
When it is rainy, many puddles of water can build up, and walking on a route with much traffic can increase the risk of you and your dog getting splashed while walking. It can become chaotic, especially if your dog does not like getting wet. Vehicles can also sound noisier in damp weather, which can scare your dog. Choosing a quieter and less busy route would make the walk more fun for you.

3. Use a safety harness
Dogs can have a lot more fear and stress when walking in rainy weather and using a safety harness can help relieve their stress. A safety harness will help them feel more secure with you. In addition, wearing it will deter any loud noises and disturbances, making a more relaxed walk.

4. Wash your dog
Walking your dog in the rain could cause them to get dangerous bacteria and germs potentially. It’s essential to make sure you routinely clean them after their walks. Rinsing them off with warm water will help warm them up after being out in the cold rain. It will also wash away anything detrimental to their health. Use a moisturizing shampoo so their skin doesn’t get dry from being washed.

5. Have a towel ready
It is always good to prepare with dry towels when you get home from your walk. Choose an area where your dog can shake off the excess water first. If you don’t have a place set aside for your dog to dry off after the walk, they will get muddy water all over your house and furniture. You may also want to have a blow dryer ready for your dog. Having a wet coat dramatically lowers your dog’s body temperature, and a quick blow-dry is a safe way to warm them up and dry them quickly.

We hope these tips help you navigate walking your dog in the rain.

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