Toys to Keep your Pet’s Mind Active at Home

Toys to Keep your Pet’s Mind Active at Home

Sometimes it is necessary for us to leave our pets at home during the day. We all have to run errands on a weekly basis and of course, there are those weeks where errands and appointments seem to all come at the same time sometimes leading to a long stretch of time when our pets will be home alone.  We all know that a bored dog or cat is more likely to develop destructive habits so if you must leave them at home for a while, it’s a good idea to provide some fun toys that will keep their minds active and engaged while you’re away.

We have come up with a list of toys that are designed to be engaging and fun for your pets, as well as safe, providing several hours of mental activity that will keep your pet engaged and out of mischief when they’re home alone.



KONG Toys: Kong Toys are a great way to keep your pet’s mind engaged and his tummy full. Kong toys allow you to fill the holes of the toy with your dog’s favorite kibble or treats. The holes are just small enough to make it difficult to get the treats out of the hole, keeping your dog engaged in the process for quite a while.

Shuffle Bone Dog Puzzle:  This is an actual puzzle that may take a little training, but a clever dog will enjoy this.  Again, you hide food under the sliders and your dog must learn to move the sliders in order to get to the hidden food.

Bob-A-Lot: The Bob-A-Lot is another treat dispensing toy that is well suited to larger dogs. It will exercise and feed your dog at the same time. The Bob-A-Lot can hold up to three cups of dog food and allows you to regulate the level of difficulty for your dog. The toy is weighted at the bottom which causes it to move around which encourages your dog to play.



Egg Cersizer:  The Egg Cersizer is a food dispenser just for cats. Much like the dispensers for dogs, this toy dispenses a small portion of food for your cat.  You can set the level of difficulty based on your cat’s ability to retrieve the food.  It’s a great way to limit the amount of food your cat consumes, especially if you’re trying to watch his food intake.

Cat Scratch Feeder:  This is a scratching post that also serves as a food dispenser for your cat. As your cat scratches the post, it releases the treats or the dry food.

Bluebird Feeder:  The Bluebird feeder is a great way to provide entertainment for your cat. Some of these bird feeders come with suction cups, allowing you to attach the bird feeder to an outdoor window providing hours of viewing pleasure for your cat.

The Cat Dancer:  The Cat Dancer is a simple and inexpensive action toy for cats.  The simple design features a spring steel wire with cardboard at the end that is designed to look like a flying insect.  The “insect” at the end of the wire provides hours of entertainment and exercise for your cat.


All of these toys are available for purchase online and are very reasonably priced.


Remember, these are some great options for you and your pet on those occasional days when they will need to be alone for an extended time.  However, if you know that you will be spending several days away from home, consider enrolling your pet in a dog or cat daycare program, like the ones we offer here at Hillrose Pet Resort.  One to two days a week of daycare is a great way to relieve the boredom for your pet and keep your mind at ease. You’ll feel better knowing your pet is staying active and well cared for while you’re away.

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