The 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the US

What makes a dog “popular,” exactly? Much of the dog’s popularity comes from their one-of-a-kind looks. More importantly, a popular breed likely comes from their charming and loyal personalities. Is a playful pup in your near future? Want to add another to your established pack? Let’s discuss the American Kennel Club’s ten most popular breeds in the US.

10. Yorkshire Terriers

With long, luxurious locks, the Yorkie only weighs in at seven pounds, making it the perfect city and lap dog for a wide variety of owners. Though they infrequently shed, to keep the illustrious shine of the long multicolored hair, many owners opt for professional grooming to keep them looking sharp, while others might get a short puppy cut so they aren’t so high maintenance.

9. German Shorthaired Pointers

The German shorthaired pointers are born and bred to be a perfect companion on long camping or hunting trips. With a chocolate brown head and a spotted torso, this beautifully patterned pointer bonds strongly with their families and is up for anything active and engaging.

8. Rottweilers

A surprising top 10 choice, the Rottweiler has had a bad reputation from the media. The truth is, Rotties are quite loving and affectionate. This large dog is often gentle with their trusted family and a perfect protector for those whom they love the most.

7. Poodles

Poodles may be known for their fantastical haircuts while being shown in a dog show, but they are also incredibly intelligent. They are often easily trained athletes and are affectionate companions. When not in the ring, they are usually in a simple Sporting Clip, which showcases their muscular build. If a standard poodle is too much dog for some, the toy poodle boasts the same characteristics while being a quarter of the size!

6. Beagles

Though beagles were bred to be avid hunting dogs, many owners find them to be curious and all-around spunky. They love being part of the pack and generally feel better when around dogs and their families. Though sixth on the list of all dogs, the beagle is America’s number one favorite hound dog.

5. Bulldogs

Also known as the English bulldog, this calm and dignified dog is adaptable for both city and country life. They are devoted to their family and always want to please their owners. Be wary though, though they can weigh up to 50 pounds (and more), they very much consider themselves to be lap dogs!

4. French Bulldogs

With their large bat-like ears and playful attitudes, there’s no mistaking a French bulldog. The Frenchie is trendy among city dwellers not only because of their compact size, but they also don’t bark often. Frenchies are also very amusing, making them a great conversation starter wherever you may go.

3. Golden Retrievers

Golden retrievers are much more than loyal companions. They are dogs that enjoy being put to work! This breed is popular in helping guide the blind, search-and-rescue and more due to their high intelligence and fierce loyalty.

2. German Shepherds

Always alert and ever watchful, this courageous breed is often in the front lines of police work and more. German shepherds are willing to put their life on the line for their loved ones, making them one of the most fiercely loyal breeds in the world.

1. Labrador Retrievers

Number one for six years running or more on AKC, this outgoing breed is a friend to all who meet them. Labradors are lovely family pets and love swimming, playing fetch, and doing classic dog things. It’s no wonder they are a symbol of America, eager in their efforts and enthusiastic for life!

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